Want to relax and have fun carefree as in childhood, and at the same time - and earn a grown-up way, in the most reliable of the world's currencies? Choose online casino Cryptogames. Popular online casino Crypto games connected payments in cryptocurrency for bitcoin casino players.

CryptoGames bitcoin casino

Crypto games bitcoin casino. Sign in The casino site started to work in 2011 thanks to the international team of enthusiasts who realized the advantages of cryptocurrencies and started adapting traditional online entertainment to them.

As a result of intense and fruitful efforts, we bring to the attention of true fans of healthy gambling a whole range of profitable entertainment, among which:

  • Craps.
  • A set of slot machines.
  • Online Blackjack.
  • Video poker with female dealers.
  • Original Billiards-Plinko.
  • Instant online lottery.

As you can see, the range is wide. It remains only to use them competently and - success is assured!

Cryptogames: Features of the online game

The main one is that you don't have to be registered in the traditional sense of the word. Each visitor gets his ID, which is saved in the browser cookies for two months, after which it must be renewed. After that, the user is given an individual account to which you can transfer your funds. The main thing is not to forget the identification number, as it can lead to the loss of money. Do not forget to provide an email address for feedback - it will serve as an additional guarantee of reliability and will ensure against unpleasant accidents!

CryptoGames accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, each of which has a minimum deposit threshold, namely:

  • Bitcoin - 0.0001.
  • Ether, Monero, Dash and Litecoin - 0.01.
  • Stratis - 0.05.
  • Peercoin - 0.1.
  • Gridcoin - 6.
  • Dogecoin - 100.

The amounts specified in the list are enough to start playing for real stakes. And you can withdraw your honestly earned money starting from 0.002 BTC or its equivalent in other working currency of our online casino.

So, everything is simple - there are all conditions for your success. All you have to do is take the first step towards your cherished Dream, changing your life for the better with just one click. So do not waste time - start playing Cryptogames!