Online casino Megadice gives a chance - reverse your destiny and instantly change your life for the better!

Why choose Megadice bitcoin casino

Megadice bitcoin casino. Sign in Online casino Megadice is popular among both recognized professionals and newcomers. At the same time, bitcoin casino players pay attention to the following distinctive features:

  • A new level of technology of using cryptocurrency.
  • Honesty and transparency at all stages.
  • Blockchain betting without restrictions.
  • Choice of profitable entertainment.
  • Enhanced protection of financial transactions.
  • Prompt deposit and withdrawal of funds in ways convenient for customers.
  • Extremely reliable multichannel feedback.
  • Real help from experts of information and technical support services.

Just note the rapid resolution of possible problems that other online casinos could significantly complicate the life of a gambler! The casino has 24-hour technical support, which will answer your questions.

Dice at online casino Megadice

As the name implies, the basis of bitcoin casino activity is the dice game. Or rather, its modern electronic version, which is characterized:

  • Extremely simplified system of starting settings.
  • Increased reliability of the functionality.
  • The true democracy of the bets.
  • You have increased chances to win.
  • Original system of additional prize points.
  • Special multipliers.

Megadice bitcoin casino has many other pleasant surprises, with which you can easily get acquainted in practice.

At the same time, the gaming club is happy to provide access to a detailed history of all previous draws, including:

  • Previous bets.
  • Examples of winning and losing combinations.
  • A list of maximum and especially large prizes.
  • Rating of the lucky players - both by the number of games won and by the amount of money earned.

Note that the results of the next rounds are displayed on the main page of the corresponding section (Dice) in real-time! Do not miss the chance - join the team of winners!

The variety of Megadice Casino games is not limited to online dice.

Variety of bitcoin slots

Megadice is rightfully proud of its virtual slot machine room. Twenty-five vibrant video slots are at your service, the bets on which can be realized in bitcoins.

For the convenience of visitors (especially beginners), new games are marked with a green sticker labeled NEW. It is noteworthy that they can use them with us on particularly favorable terms! So, hurry up and try - here is the latest news bitcoin casino:

  • Super Lucky Cards Deluxe - luxury cards bring super luck;
  • Mammoth;
  • Mayana - solve the mystery of the East and get rich.

And the red ribbons labeled Hot indicates the leaders of the users' sympathy. To earn the sign "Hot", the slot machine must have not only a fascinating story, striking design and perfect computer graphics but also the real deal!

Here are the well-deserved leaders in the last month:

  • SatoshiSlot - do it the Japanese way!
  • Fairy Gate - Open the fairy gate to your dream world!
  • Phoenix Sun - catch the Phoenix bird and earn big money!

Note that the designated status is not assigned forever - it all depends on the practical results and opinion of the guests of the gaming establishment. So we look forward to hearing about your achievements!

Making deposits and receiving winnings

Is made at your earliest request! In this case, the minimum amount of funds transferred to your account must be at least 0.01 BTC, and the smallest withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC.

To carry out two-way transfers, you must go to the appropriate section of our website - Deposit or Cashout - where you must enter your address obtained during the initial registration.

Please note: there is a fee of 0.001 bitcoin per transaction when you realize the withdrawal request. This money goes to ensure the priority of your order and maintenance of the blockchain network.

You will receive a confirmation of any transaction by email within 5-20 minutes after its execution.

Thus, players are guaranteed:

  • Increased speed of maneuvering their assets.
  • Absolute safety.
  • The constant personal control.

As you can see, the proposed winning potential is extraordinarily rich - all you need to do is use it competently! So do not waste your time. Welcome to Mega Dice Casino, because today, your luck is waiting for you right here!